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Clifton Campville Parish Council is the first tier of local government for this and neighbouring villages, the higher tiers being Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council.

 The Council is given a range of powers that allows it to respond to many of the needs of the village and in turn it seeks the views of parishioners to enable these needs to be recognised and met either by applying its own resources or by passing them on to the higher tiers of government. Much of the Council’s work is informed by a Parish Plan that was created originally following meetings of, and questionnaires completed by, parishioners. The plan is under constant review, and progress towards its fulfilment is monitored regularly by the whole Council.


The Council is a statutory body. Members are elected for a term of four years.   Current Parish Councillors are:

Calvin Bent       07738 170008    Chairman   

Robert Leedham  830240          

Pam Bostock      373272            Phillip Bennion      373274            

Debbie Fulbrook  07463 702847    Sonia Bent          373183 

Steve Lamb      07824 347033

 Roger Nicholls   373169        


The Council is funded principally by an annual precept that forms part of your council tax and is shown on your council tax statement. This money is then used to carry out important work in the parish and to help fund local amenities such as the Village Hall, the Millennium Green, the church clock and the churchyard.


The Parish Council meets six times per year in January, March, May, July, September and November in Clifton Campville Village Hall in Church Street. The dates of meetings are published on the parish notice board at least one week before each meeting. Parishioners are encouraged to attend and part of the meeting is set aside for your questions and comments. However it is helpful if you can let the Parish Clerk know in advance of any matters you wish to raise so that time may be set aside and any necessary information brought by councillors to the meeting.


Further information about the Council may be obtained from:

The Clerk to the Parish Council, TBA



If you have any issues about the parish or the council, please contact one of the Parish Councillors whose contact details are above.

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