Millennium Green

The Coneyberry Millennium Green is an important 8-acre breathing space for all who enjoy the countryside. It was set up, as the name suggests, for the new millennium with grant aid from the National Lottery fund and the Countryside Commission. All of the initial work was carried out by local people with much of the paperwork involved being done by Mrs Beverley Field. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to these volunteers, and the Parish Council, for their foresight and dedication to the project.

The Green is run by a Charitable Trust. The Trustees are: Liz Ellis (Chair);

Bob Patchett (Communications Officer); David Lodge; Jason Chandler; Christine Warburton (Vice Chair & Treasurer); Olivia Lee; Sue Wadham (Secretary); Nick Ingram. Contact details: 01827 373814 or

The Green is positioned alongside the Churchyard and stretches across to Chestnut Lane. The site is divided into two areas: the north field, previously known as Near Coney Gray, and the south field, formerly known as Broomy Close. It was decided that Broomy Close would be levelled to provide a playing area and that Near Coney Gray would become wild flower meadows. Before Broomy Close could be levelled the ancient ridge-and-furrow had to be protected with a membrane and an inert filling material known as ‘hoggin’.

An archaeological survey was carried out by Birmingham University in March 1999 and concluded that no remains existed in the areas to be developed.

The Green continues to thrive as a special place to sit, walk (with or without a dog) or watch children busy on the play equipment. The two copses, the pond, hedgerows and wild flower meadows encourage a diverse collection of flora and fauna. The benches provide a place to observe these at close quarters and to admire the spectacular views of the Mease Valley and beyond to the four counties surrounding Clifton Campville.

All of the maintenance work is carried out by volunteers, in the main the Trustees with help on working days from villagers. Occasionally we call in specialist help with the trees.

The Parish Council generously supports the work of the Trust with a grant every year but our main fund raising activity is the annual Country Fair on the second Saturday in June. This is becoming a hugely popular date on the calendar and people come from all over the Midlands area to take part in the fun.

The Fair includes a wide range of traditional stalls, with emphasis on local produce; lots of animals, a fun dog show, children’s races and games, steam engine rides, vintage tractor and motor cycle parades as well as refreshment marquees including hot and cold drinks bar, home made cakes and cream teas, as well as hot dogs, burgers and bacon sandwiches – all made and served by people in the village.

Other activities the Trustees organise include Horse Shows, kite-making and flying days. If you have any ideas for activities on the Green, especially those suitable for children, please contact us.

Ongoing work includes improving the wild flower meadows – we make hay from this area to encourage the growth of the flowers, clearing the footpath; weeding around the recently planted hedge and keeping the pond area clear.

Fund Raising

The main fundraising event the Trust has every year is the Country Fair, held each year in June. This provides funds for the maintenance and improvements to the green. In 2018, we were fortunate enough to be granted money from South Staffs Water's environment fund towards the planting of a fruit and nut grove. This has now already been planted on the green, alongside the church hedge. It is hoped that in years to come, it will provide a variety of fruits and nuts for both wildlife and residents of Clifton Campville to enjoy.

The trees consist of a variegated Sweet Chestnut tree, a Crab-apple, a Pear tree, an Apple tree, a Muggler tree, (an ancient local variety of apple, very tasty, but don't look too much like Apples!!). Almonds, Filbert nuts and a Walnut tree. The trees were chosen to give both a visual as well as a useful boost to the green.

Mercia Park (at Junction 11) also granted money, which has been put towards tubs of herbs, planted near to the benches. These are for culinary use and will soon be labelled, but please remember to leave more than you take so that others may also benefit. Thank you.

As the green continues to thrive, the Trust are looking at expanding our fundraising events. If anyone has any ideas for these events, please contact one of the trustees.