Since the pond was renovated and new walkways, dipping platform and benches were introduced, it has continued to thrive. It is visited by many people, some to pond dip and some just to look at it. It has become a very tranquil place. Although brambles and weeds had taken over most of the banking, these are now been mainly removed on the green side of the pond to allow a much clearer view. The oposite bank has been left in its wild, natural state, to provide shelter and protection.

The pond itself is teaming with life, both with plants and animals. We have 4 different colours of water lilies, bull rushes, water iris and many more plant species living in the margins and water body itself. Plus, within the water body we have several varieties of pond weeds providing vital oxygen to the water.

Animals include Frogs, Toads, Newts, Sticklebacks, Dragonflies, Damsel Flies, Beetles, worms and a wide variety of microscopic life. The water quality is very good, and on a clear day the bottom can easily be seen, but please don't be deceived, its deeper than you think. The depth around the edge is around 18inches (45cms) and approximately 4ft (1.25m) in the middle. The bottom is also thick gooey mud, so its best to do any dipping from the platform.

Many different birds have also been seen around our pond, including Ducks, Herons, Kingfishers and Moorhens.

Whilst the green is here for all to enjoy, if you do remove animals from the pond, the Trust would ask that you return then back into the pond for others to enjoy. Most of the animals we are fortunate to have here are endangered and if too many are removed then they'll be gone forever.

The well provides a source of clean water constantly to the pond, although the flow rate will vary dependant on the time of year.